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Facebook Libra (フェイスブックのリブラ):金融業界に迫り来る変化


Facebook Libra: Impending Change coming to the Financial World

An analysis of Facebook Libra’s implementation plan

The Not-So-Fun Adventures of Tether & Bitfinex

Legend has it that if you say Tether five times in a row, the ghost of Mt. Gox will appear in the mirror and take all your Bitcoin…

The Alpha Framework: An Analysis of the "Coinbase Effect"

Now, a few of these still work but the majority do not. The edge is slowly being beat out of the market, and one of the only true sources of alpha left are event driven plays. Do you know something in advance? Are you fast enough with your reaction?

Your Blockchain Privacy Primer

Just like Zuck, we believe that privacy is a crucial element to the proper functioning of the future of the internet. This is why this…

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